God Has Revealed Himself To Us As Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

One God: An Amazing Triune Family In Whom We Are Included!

There is only one true God who is the eternal Creator, Redeemer, and King of all that is. This one true God’s existence is able to be seen and recognized generally by men of open hearts and minds through the natural revelation of His handiwork in creation. He is able to be known more specifically as Creator and God through the special revelation given in the 66 canonical (historically accepted and authorized) books known as The Bible. Most importantly, He is able to be believed in and seen personally through Jesus Christ, the Son of God incarnate.Through Jesus, God has, throughout history, been revealed to be eternally self-existent as one divine being in three persons (one Triune God): God the Father, God the Son-the Lord Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit. From His eternal unity and distinctions flow such central aspects of our lives as love, honor, communication, family, and society.

We believe the Bible is God’s Invitation Into A Personal Relationship With Jesus.

We Get To Read It With The Author Sitting Beside Us!

The Bible is unique among all books throughout all of history. It was written by multiple authors, each being inspired directly by the intervention and supervision of the Holy Spirit, to infallibly record God’s dealings with men beginning with creation, through the disobedience of the fall, through the call and formation of the nation of Israel, through the foretelling and ultimate coming of God incarnate to this world in the person of Jesus of Nazareth (the Old Testament books of History, Poetry, Prophesy, and Worship). Using other writers under the same active inspiration and supervision of the Holy Spirit, He then records the life of Jesus (the Gospels), the creation and ministry of the newly empowered church (Acts), the instructions, counsel, and doctrines to guide the life and development of the church (the Epistles), then the assurance of the victorious end of days—highlighted by the glorious return of Jesus—and the beginning of a glorious new heaven and new earth. (The Revelation). Following their writing over multiple centuries, the Holy Spirit again supervised the recognition and inclusion of these inspired 66 books in the cannon of the Bible. We believe it to be the definitive, unique, exclusive and only infallible and authoritative written word of God.

Jesus’ Work Restores All that was Lost at the Fall

Jesus is the Son of Man, the Last Adam, and the Redeemer!

Humankind was created in the image of God, and as such both made and declared by God Himself to be “very good.” Man was made to know and enjoy God, and to serve as a partner with Him in the development and care of creation. Unfortunately, through deception and temptation, our first parents willfully rejected the Lordship and glory of God for which we were intended. All men and women followed that unfortunate lead by inherited vulnerability and personal choice to sin. Because of this pervasive sin; sickness, death and judgment entered the world. The consequences of our (all mankind’s) rejection of God and the following distrust and distortion of His good image, both as we speculate about Him and as we see ourselves, has forced corruption, conflict, and the violence of death on the good and beautiful creation we were made to care for. Creation itself waits for the restoration and revealing of the original created value and glory of the sons and daughters of God who were made to—and who ultimately will—rule over and care for it. This has been accomplished and is being realized through the life, death, resurrection, and reign of Jesus and the obedience of His church.

Jesus is the Risen Lord, King of All Creation and Head of the Church

Our Savior is also Our King, Our Lord, and Our Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, and Priest.

The Father’s Son is the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the one and only begotten Son of God as to His divine nature and place in the triune Godhead. The eternal Son took on the form of sinful flesh through incarnation when He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and nine months later born of a young virgin, Mary. He assumed our form with all its vulnerabilities as He lived and grew and learned obedience as Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus is God’s Anointed One; foreseen by the prophets, recognized and announced by John the Baptist, and sealed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to inaugurate God’s Kingdom on earth. He lived as we lived. He was tempted as we are. He resisted the lies we yielded to regarding the goodness of God the Father’s heart toward us. He did all this without sin; yet He was crucified, not for any sins of His own but for our sins. In His vicarious life and death, he paid the wages for our sins completely. After willingly yielding to a death that did not have the authority to take His life, He forever destroyed the intimidating and imprisoning power of death and the grave. This absolute victory was manifest as He, from deep within the grave, set long-held prisoners free, and Himself was resurrected by the power of God. Then, after appearing to hundreds of friends and disciples for more than a month, He was lifted up before their eyes into heaven into a waiting victory chorus of worship that continues today. Right this moment, as both the divine Son of the Father and the risen Son of Man He lives and reigns in the presence of God, His Father, and in the hearts and lives of His people, the Church.

People are Saved by Believing in Jesus.

All mankind’s sins have been paid for by Jesus when He died on the cross as us and in our place.

As a result, reconciliation with God—from God’s side of the question and according to God’s own accounting—has already been accomplished by the death of His anointed Christ on the cross. The only actual barrier preventing anyone from being reunited with God is personal unbelief. Those individuals who confess Jesus as their Lord, and believe that God raised Him from the dead are saved by God’s grace (the good, benevolent purpose of Father’s heart toward us now released within the covenant written in Jesus’ blood). These believers begin to personally experience reconciliation: the life, joy, power, and glory of being reunited with God. This is the experience Jesus spoke of when He encouraged Nicodemus, “You must be born again.” Anyone, regardless of the sins of their past, can be restored to the real experience of joy, peace, and freedom that comes from true fellowship with God through repenting (forsaking their life of independence from God), confessing and receiving Jesus as Lord, and believing that He is risen and lives in them today by the grace, love, and power of God. The Holy Spirit makes this possible as He leads and empowers the church to proclaim the good new of the Gospel of Jesus, and as He convicts us of the reality of Jesus and His resurrection from the dead. When we believe the Good News and receive Jesus as the risen Lord, the Holy Spirit regenerates (breaths creative life into) our dead spirits, justifies us on the basis of the shed blood of Jesus, and adopts us and bears witness with our spirits that we are long sought and much loved sons and daughters rightfully welcome into the family and Kingdom of God.

There Is No Such Thing As A Christian Without The Holy Spirit!

Holy Spirit is in every believer to give them the life of Jesus. He is on any believer who will submit to the call to host His Presence and release the Life of Jesus on others.

The work of the Holy Spirit—Who is God Himself—continues today in the lives of believers as He adopts us into the family of God, confirms that we are sons and heirs with Jesus to the Kingdom of God, lives within us, and takes on multiple roles such as baptizer, teacher, reminder, guide, declarer, worship leader, intercessor, comforter, leader, witness, gifter, and co-speaker. In addition, He ordains and organizes our perfect place in the Body of Christ. Finally, but not last in importance by any means, the Holy Spirit produces in us the very characteristics of His personality and life. These are known and seen in our lives as beautiful and sweet fruit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. As we are led by Him we are confirmed as sons and daughters of our heavenly Father, and we are set apart (sanctified) for Father’s holy use. Holy Spirit transforms us from helpless slaves of our fleshly weaknesses into servants of righteousness. As the seed of His fruit begin to ripen and then define our character, we are set completely free from the need for rules, laws, and external constraints that were required in previous covenant relationships. By intentionally being aware of and submitted to His presence and power in us we begin to effortlessly live holy lives, manifesting power, in which the only necessary constraint is love.

We Believe Jesus’ Presence Empowers Us to Serve with Love and Power

The victorious redemptive work of Christ on the cross was and is comprehensive.

His blood paid for everything. His resurrection defeated death in all its forms. His ascension and rule establishes His authority over all principalities and powers in heaven and on and under the earth. By that we understand that His was not just a victory over sin, or for man alone. It was and is a victory over all of the works of the enemy and over all of the manifestations of the curse brought to creation by the fall of man. We believe that the Holy Spirit releases the authority of Jesus’ victory through our lives as we live in His presence and under His leadership in obedience. For this reason we take risks and with confidence, pray, minister, and speak the love and authority of Jesus Name into any situation caused by sin, sickness, poverty, conflict, misunderstanding, lies, oppression, torment, or any other work of the flesh or the devil. We understand that any authority the devil gained rights to through our sins or the sins of our ancestors has been utterly revoked by the victory of Jesus on the cross. We can now deliberately and intentionally reject the devil’s lies and put our trust fully in Jesus. As we do so in faith, we expect measurable impact from our declarations, prayers, laying on of hands, creative expressions, faith, witness, and obedience motivated by love.

Joyland is Simply Part of the Larger Church Throughout the World.

The Church—in its larger definition—consists of all who put their faith in Jesus Christ.

We honor the Church at large and recognize other brothers and sisters of faith as fellow members of His body and as co-heirs with us of the riches of His grace to all of us. This honor does not require agreement on all doctrinal specifics, nor does it require similarity on mission specifics; therefore, we are not inclined to judge our many brothers, sisters, and fellow workers locally or around the globe. We love each other because we each belong to Jesus, have been reconciled by His shed blood, and are sons and daughters of the same heavenly Father. To honor our heavenly Father and the reconciling work of Jesus, we endeavor to live and work together with our believing brothers and sisters in the peaceful and cooperative unity of the Holy Spirit.

We Also Believe In Our Value As A Local Church.

The local church still has a work to do in the Kingdom!

The work of advancing the Kingdom of God, witnessing to others about the risen Lord Jesus, and the building up the individual saints to work together to do the work of the ministry is ordained by God to be done, in large part, in the context of the fellowship possible in local churches. It is not just in the church services, but rather in the many relationships formed and supported in the local church, where we primarily experience the power and leverage of being joined together with other believers to do the work of the ministry out in the world. He gave gifts such as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers to the church at large, but also to the local assemblies so that individual saints can grow up into the fullness and measure of the stature of Christ. Equipped by these ministries and supported in face-to-face fellowship, we can go fearlessly into the world and workplaces God has ordained for us. Out there with Him, we proclaim the Good News of Jesus and reveal and release His life-changing presence to the people we influence.

He also gave His church ordinances such as Baptism and Communion to be celebrated in his name in the close confines, and with the encouraging accountability, of local, personal fellowship. The Church—local and universal—exists to equip the saints to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ and further advance His kingdom by undoing the works of the enemy, preaching and living the Good News of God’s love to their neighbors, making disciples of the nations, and baptizing and teaching all therein to love and obey God. We accept and invite you to join us in the vital role we play in that commission and opportunity both locally and globally.

We Believe in the Ever-Increasing Victorious Kingdom of God In Spite of Growing Darkness.

Jesus is the victorious King!

The increase of the government that He shoulders and of its peace will never stop until every enemy is made his footstool and “the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our God.” For this reason we believe that we will see, if we learn to look and not be afraid, the forward movement of grace and mercy being extended to the lost and wounded all around us. We will see the characteristics of His kingdom—righteousness, peace, and joy—begin to push back corruption, division and hostility, and depression and fear everywhere we go and release His presence. We believe that in spite of growing darkness in the world and on the people of the world, His light is rising on us—His church—and that we will see many, many, many come to the light of Jesus Christ that is being revealed from our hearts.

We Await Jesus Bodily Return to Earth With Excitement!

The end of this age is defined by Jesus coming to be with His people forever!

As this age comes to a close, we have confidence that we will discover the moment to be a glorious beginning rather than a fearful end for those who have confessed Jesus as Lord and believed—in the then obvious fact—that He was raised from the dead! Yes, there will be judgement, but judgement will not be the final work or word of the end times. Yes, individual unbelief will be exposed as the costly, costly evil that it is and has always been. And yes, the devil’s end will be manifest alongside those individuals who clung to unbelief as they are cast into the Lake of Fire. But, all these terrible and awesome realities will be dwarfed in the brightness of the glory of the return of our radiant King and the unveiling of His resplendent Bride. Heaven will be new—prepared to receive her new Royal Couple. Earth will be clean and new again—free of the scars she bore waiting for the Lamb’s Bride to be revealed in all her glory. The sun and the moon will humbly bow and refuse to release their glory in that day in simple, natural deference to the radiance of God—Proud Father, Victorious Son, and Bride-clothed Spirit—taking His rightful place among His people.

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