The Invitation

The Lord invited me to look at this picture and see something I had missed: Debs waterfall 2-16not to focus upon the technical flaws or amateur-level brushstrokes, but to look right in the middle of the painting. He wanted me to see the “heart” of the subject matter: the flower of water and the spray.

The Lesson

As I was looking, I felt like He said, “That phrase ‘rivers of living water’ is mentally envisioned by most people as being much smaller than I intended, more like a gentle stream than a river. THIS is a river of Living water — the landscape around it is defined by its path, and the abundant growth around it is drawn from its very existence.

“Notice the mist. Not only does the flow of water bring life, but I want waterfalls cascading out of you so that the mist covers the surrounding area. There are no leaves along the river that are not touched by this mist. There are no rocks along the river that don’t flourish with moss growing forth. Yes, there is a cycle where old things die and new things spring forth: but the river nourishes them all. The river remains present through every stage of the cycle around it.

“The rivers of Living Water are twofold: they continue in their paths of destiny, while the mist brings its refreshment along the way. The mist represents the here and now. The greatest mist rises from the greatest plunge. The mist is never wasted, for the mist carries the fragrance and constant reminder that the river is there.

“Those who cannot hear will not hear the river’s roar; those who cannot see will not notice the river’s banks or flow, concealed buy the growth around it. But whether blind or deaf, the mist will alert them all that there is a river nearby; the mist will alert them that a life-giving flow is present. The banks are not walled; anyone who will is encouraged to stand in the mist and breathe deeply, to enter the pools and current of the River and be transformed, be refreshed.”

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